Judicial Commissioner's Court

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The Judicial Commissioner's Court

The Judicial Commissioner’s Court is a court established by the Local and Central Courts Proclamation of 1938. It has jurisdiction to preside over appeals in both civil and criminal matters from Central Courts which are based in each of the ten districts of Lesotho. There are two tiers in the structure of the Judicial Commissioners Court: The Senior Judicial Commissioner (as the head) and the other Judicial Commissioners. The usual establishment is that of one Senior Judicial Commissioner and six Judicial Commissioners.

Local And Central Courts

The Local Courts were established by the Local and Central Courts Proclamation of 1938. These courts are usually referred to as Basotho Courts. At the bottom of the hierarchy of Basotho court, there are Local Courts which are Courts of the first instance for any matter involving Customary law and can only handle matters involving members of the Basotho nation. There are 10 central courts and 79 local courts in the Kingdom of Lesotho. Basotho Courts are found in all Lesotho districts, each district comprises an average of six local courts and one central court. Appeals from local courts lie before the central courts and appeals from the central courts go to the Judicial Commissioners’ courts, from which further appeals may be lodged before the High Court. Court Presidents appointed by the Judicial Service Commission do preside in these courts.

Rabuka Chalatse

Senior Judicial Commissioner