General Administration

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The General Administration

Departmental units that contribute to the achievement of short and long-term management plans by providing quality support and general administrative services to the Judiciary.

Human Resource: Responsible for management of the human resources function i.e. Human resource utilization, administration and management of recruitment and selection, Training and development, Remuneration and benefits, Coordination of Performance Management System, Employee Relations, and Organizational Development.

Administration:  Provide   administrative and logistical support to different departments. This involves acquisition, maintenance and disposal of assets and properties as well as provision of  security to safeguard employees and properties, as well as maintaining health and safety.

Planning: Oversee development, implementation and monitoring of strategic plans, policies, programs, projects and Judiciary annual work plans. As well as facilitating for capital budgeting and production of statistical reports.

Finance: Facilitate for  recurrent  budgeting as well as recurrent and capital budget execution, revenue collection and financial reporting.

Information and Technology: Provide access to information systems with the use of ICT Solution through a technological solution.

Public Relations: Promote and maintain good relations and understanding between the Judiciary and the public.

Library: Provide legal resource documents such as  law textbooks, law reports, law journals used for research purposes by Judicial officers and Judiciary staff.